Peter and Julia Skuba purchased the 45 acre farm located northeast of Eagarville, Illinois in 1948 with dreams of a better life. Reared during the great depression they worked together to build the farm and a family. Pete Junior was born in 1948 and Steve 1953.  Pine trees were first planted for soil conservation in 1953 and were planted at a rate of 1000 seedlings per year afterward.  The first Christmas trees were sold in 1962.  

  The family farm was primarily a corn, hog, Christmas tree, strawberry and vegetable operation until the early 1980s. Pine trees were planted yearly until the late 1990s under the supervision of Pete a professonal forester.  

  Peter passed away in 2001 and Julia in 2003. Pete retired in 2003. Steve took sole ownership of the farm in 2004. Steve is the father of four, Katrina, Stephen, Robert and Tabitha ensuring a new generation of Skuba family.  Mackenzie,  Katrina's daughter was born February 2017 so there is a fourth generation on its way. 

  This Christmas season plain white pine wreaths and white pine garland rope will be sold by mail order and farm visit.  Please look to our products page for more information. Our goal is to provide our customers great quality and incredible service at reasonable prices remembering the Christmas spirit. We believe that your satisfaction should be guaranteed.